The Happy Ride with BaymaxNEW


Opens September 28, 2020

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Entry Request required

Nursebots pull vehicles that whirl you around in unexpected ways.

Appropriate for
Over 81 cm OK, Must be able to sit without assistance
Presented by: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Experience this wild musical ride developed by the young inventor Hiro Hamada. As up-tempo music plays, this ride is sure to make everyone happy.

Boarding Restrictions

  • Guests who do not meet the height requirement (81 cm) may not ride.
  • Guests who cannot maintain a stable sitting position alone in a moving vehicle may not ride.
  • You may not hold your child on your lap.


About Entry Request

This attraction requires an Entry Request completed on the Tokyo Disney Resort App while inside the Park. You will be able to experience the attraction if you have been assigned a time slot through the Entry Request.


About 1.5 min.

3 per vehicle (3 adults may not ride the vehicle together)


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