Westernland Shootin' Gallery


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Try your skill as a sharpshootin' marksman.

Experiential Attractions
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No height restrictions

Feel like a wild west gunslinger when you fire off a shot in front of the napping Deputy! Depending on your skill, you’ll get a score card with a message from Goofy!


Aim to be the best shot in the West!

Take up one of the Winchester rifles lined up on the counter and test your shooting skill. When you’re done, you’ll get a score card with a message from Goofy!

If your score card has “Lucky” on it, you’ll get a gold sheriff badge. A perfect score of 10 will get you a silver sheriff badge.

- The design of the badge varies depending on the event period.


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Recommended attraction


Game fee
¥200 for 10 shots (Passport tickets not accepted.)

- Two rifles are available that can be used by Guests while seated in their wheelchair.