Haunted Mansion

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Ride through an eerie Gothic mansion with 999 ghostly inhabitants.

This ominous gothic mansion is haunted by 999 ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. They're all "dying" to make their number an even 1,000. Look over there! It's a statue with glowing eyes. And invisible hands are playing strange music on that piano. Now, who's that sitting next to you?

Temporary Closure of Park Facilities:2023/8/10 - 2023/9/13


Area Fantasyland
Duration About 15 minutes.
Capacity 3 persons per vehicle
Type OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Scary characters appear, Go through darkness
Children-friendly characteristics May sit a child on lap


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- Please do not take photos using a flash or LCD (liquid crystal display) inside the attraction.