The Glass Slipper


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Personalized Items

Demonstration and sales of glasswork crafted by artisans.

Step into Cinderella's shoes and find a glass item just for you

Just as Cinderella's glass slipper brought her happiness ever after, this elegant shop offers a wide variety of delicate glassware, including glass slippers and other harbingers of happiness. The whole store glitters with sparkling accessories, damascene (inlaid gold) items, and more. You can even watch skilled artisans demonstrate glass cutting.

- The shop hours are subject to change due to circumstances at the Park.
The location for picking up glass items engraved with your name may be different from where you purchased it.
Please contact a Cast Member at the shop for details.


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- Photos are concept images. The shop's merchandise, decorations and fixtures are subject to change.
Merchandise may be sold out or discontinued.