About Entry Request


For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, certain experiences require an Entry Request. Entry Request is an opportunity to apply for access to selected venues. Guests are able to make a request at any time throughout the day, and will be notified immediately whether the request is accepted.
Only Guests who have received a return time from the Entry Request on the Tokyo Disney Resort App will be able to experience the selected venues.

  • An Entry Request can be attempted by using the Tokyo Disney Resort App after entering the Park.
  • Guests can submit an entry anytime when Entry Requests are accepted.
    - Depending on the result of the Entry Request, you may not be able to experience what you have selected.
  • Your party can attempt an Entry Request once per day for each venue requiring it.

  • If you do not have a smartphone, please contact a Cast Member at the venue you would like to experience regarding admission.
  • Downloading the Tokyo Disney Resort App on your smartphone in advance is recommended.
  • Registration and log-in to a Disney account is required. See here if you do not have a Disney account.

How to make an Entry Request


Step 1: Preparation

Select "Entry Request" under "My Plan" on your Tokyo Disney Resort App, and choose the desired experience.


Step 2: Park ticket verification

Select the Park tickets for all members of your party.

  • If you have a printed Park ticket, scan the code on it using your smartphone.
  • Guests ages 3 and under without a Park ticket do not need to make an Entry Request.
  • Only Park tickets used for Park admission on the day of visit can be used.


Step 3: Select experience

Tap "Select Time" for the experience you wish to select.


Step 4: Select timeframe

Tap the button indicating the timeframe for the experience you wish to select.


Step 5: Check details

Check the experience, timeframe and number of entry, then tap “Request”.

  • Your party can attempt an Entry Request once per day for each venue requiring it.


Step 6: Check results

As a result of Entry Request, if an available time for the eligible experience is shown on the App, you will be able to experience the facility at a designated time.


If the message "We are sorry we could not arrange the experience you requested." is shown, you will be unable to experience the facility on that day.

Using your Entry Request eligibility


Step 1: Display code

Tap “Display code” for the selected experience under "My Plan" on your Tokyo Disney Resort App.

  • The code will be displayed when it is available for use.

Step 2: Scan the code onto the reader

At the entrance of the venue, scan the Park tickets of all members of your party or the code displayed on your smartphone onto the reader.

Regarding Entry Request

  • Admission to the selected venue is possible only during the return time period.
  • Even if you receive a return time on your Entry Request, it does not guarantee admission to the venue.
  • Entry Request may be unavailable on certain days or times depending on operating conditions.
  • Operations may be suspended without notice due to technical difficulties, weather conditions, or other reasons. In such cases, your Entry Request result will become invalid, and the experience will not be available. In addition, you will not be able to change the venue or the return time on your Entry Request.
  • You will not be admitted to the venue if you do not meet its requirements, even if you have received a return time.
  • Your Entry Request cannot be changed or canceled.
  • Your Entry Request results cannot be transferred to a third party whether as a gift or for profit. Violations will result in invalidating your eligibility.

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