Child-Friendly Services


Convenient services and facilities offered at the Parks

Stroller Rentals

Guests with small children can rent strollers for use in the Park.

Stroller Rentals
Stroller Rentals
Stroller Rentals
Stroller Rentals


Rental Fee
1,000 yen for one day

Japanese B-Type Stroller (Reclinable stroller with sunshade and small storage basket)
Seat size: 28 cm (width) x 20 cm (depth)

For use by
A child who can sit unassisted, age 7 months or older, height up to 100 cm tall, and weight up to 15 kg

Load capacity
Up to 20 kg

Returning the stroller
Please make sure to return the stroller to Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals (inside the Park) at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea by the appropriate return time.
  • Please note that a valid Park ticket and a handstamp are required to re-enter the Park. (Please see here for how to re-enter the Park)
  • Please note that a separate, and valid Park ticket will be required in the following cases:
    ・If returning the stroller on a date different from when rented
    ・If returning the stroller at a Park different from where rented

Renting another stroller at a different Park
Show the Rental Certificate from one Park to use a stroller at the other Park. Limited to use on the same day.

・Rental strollers may be unavailable under certain circumstances.
・Do not leave valuables or other personal items in an unattended stroller.

Make sure your stroller meets the following requirements!

  • Can be pushed from behind
  • Has wheels that can be locked
  • Is not self-propelled / Can be set to manual mode

For safety reasons, strollers must meet all of the above requirements to be brought into the Park.

Stroller carts, wagons, trikes, and other such items are not allowed in the Park.


Stroller Rental Location

Restrooms with Diaper Changing Stations

Both mom and dad can take turns changing diapers

Restrooms with Diaper Changing Stations
Restrooms with Diaper Changing Stations

■All restrooms inside the Parks are equipped with diaper changing stations.
  • Diaper changing stations are not available at the following restrooms.
    Tokyo Disneyland: Restrooms (at Fort Sam Clemens in Tom Sawyer Island)
■Women’s restrooms inside the Parks are equipped with boys' urinals.
  • The restrooms in front of China Voyager and in the fort on Tom Sawyer Island at Tokyo Disneyland do not have boys' urinals.
■Mickey Mouse-shaped soap foam is available in the restrooms, so you and your child can enjoy washing your hands.

  • For information regarding restrooms in restaurants or other facilities, please ask directly at the location.

Lost Children

A facility for the care of children who become separated from their guardians

Lost Children
Lost Children

If you have become separated from a child under your care, please see a Cast Member near you. This facility is in contact with other facilities inside and outside the Park to ensure the prompt reunion of child and guardian.

Lost Children Locations

ID Stickers

ID stickers for children are available

ID Stickers

For small children who cannot tell Cast Members their name or contact information, ID stickers will be provided to help them in case of emergency.

ID Sticker Locations

"My 1st Visit" Stickers, Commemorative Snapshots

Make your child's first Park visit memorable

My 1st Visit Stickers

"My 1st Visit" Stickers

If you wish to receive a "My 1st Visit" sticker for your child, please inform a Cast Member that your child is visiting the Park for the first time. You will receive a cute sticker with the child’s name and the date of the visit written on it.

Commemorative Snapshots

Commemorative Snapshots

A photographer will snap a picture of you and your child holding a "My 1st Visit" sign to commemorate this special day.

- Please ask the photographer about the locations where the photo can be taken.
- This service is not available at locations where Disney Character Greetings are held.
- Some locations may not be available depending on circumstances.
- Photographs taken by the photographer are available for purchase.
- Contents of set and photo mount designs vary depending on the facility and shooting location.


"My 1st Visit" Sticker Locations

Other Child-Friendly Services

There are many other child-friendly services inside the Park.

Hand Washing Area

Children can have fun washing their hands with Mickey Mouse-shaped soap foam

Picnic Area

A picnic area is available outside the Park for Guests who prefer to bring their own meals. Guests are requested not to bring food and beverages into the Park.

Storage Lockers

Make use of the storage lockers to hold items you won't need in the Parks.

Bottled Soft Drink Vending Machines

Bottled drinks can be purchased from vending machines around the Park

Re-Entering the Park

If you leave the Park so that your child can take a nap or for other reasons, you can re-enter the Park later the same day.

Home Delivery Service

Items purchased in the Park (with some exceptions) and personal belongings may be shipped for a fee. Chocolates and other items that melt easily can be delivered by refrigerated truck.

- Please check at the Home Delivery Service counter for details on shipping (not available for all destinations).
- Merchandise that is valuable, has been opened, glass products, and certain other merchandise cannot be shipped. For details, please contact a Cast Member at the Home Delivery Service counter.
It may not be possible to ship items to certain countries.

First Aid

When you feel unwell or need first aid assistance, please contact the nearest Cast Member.