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Hosted by: Meiji Co., Ltd.

For nursing infants, preparing infant meals, and changing diapers. Certain restrooms are equipped with diaper-changing bed.

To Guests with infants

The water available at the Baby Center has been boiled and is provided at a temperature of 70° Celsius (158° Fahrenheit) or above. For infant formula that requires hot water not from the tap, please bring your own water. A microwave oven is available to heat it, so please bring it in a microwave-safe flask.

Requests to Guests

You may bring strollers into the Baby Center. However, if you leave the stroller, please take your personal belongings (including valuables or items you may have purchased in the Park) with you.


Available services
・Stations for changing diapers
・liquid baby formula, baby food, and disposable diapers
・Space for nursing infants and preparing infant meals
・Hot water for preparing infant formulas
・Sales of stroller rain covers


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