Information on Food Allergies at the Disney Hotels Restaurants


For Guests with Food Allergies

The Disney Hotels offer a Special Dietary Menu that does not use the eight major allergens or the seventeen other potential allergens. Please ask to see this menu at the restaurant on the day of your visit. For details of the Special Dietary Menu, please click on the button below.

  • The buffet restaurants at the Disney Hotels will provide a menu that lists the eight major allergens used in the dishes. Please be sure to check this list before taking the dishes from the buffet.

The Allergens

8 major allergens 17 other potential allergens
Shrimp, crab, walnuts, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, dairy products, peanuts Almonds, abalone, squid, salmon caviar, oranges, cashew nuts, kiwi fruits, sesame, salmon, mackerel, soy, bananas, matsutake mushrooms, peaches, mountain yams, apples, gelatin

  • Usually, there are 20 “other potential allergens,” but since this number includes beef, chicken, and pork, which are used in our dishes, those three items have been omitted from the list giving a total of 17.

Ordering from the Special Dietary Menu

  • The Special Dietary Menu is provided for Guests with allergies.
  • The Special Dietary Menu is not a guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur. Guests are asked to make the final judgment on the appropriateness of ordering this meal.
  • Your order will be prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items. For this reason, it is possible that some traces of allergens may become mixed in with the meal during preparation.
  • If there is the possibility that an allergic reaction may occur with the intake of very small amounts of the allergen, we may refuse to serve the Special Dietary Menu in order to prioritize your safety.
  • The content and ingredients of the Special Dietary Menu are subject to change.
  • Grand Paradis Lounge in Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, Hyperion Lounge and Tick Tock Diner in Disney Ambassador Hotel, and Dreamers Lounge in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel do not offer the Special Dietary Menu or cater to special dietary needs.