Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are all of the dishes in the Special Dietary Menu completely allergen-free?

Even though the food does not contain the main allergens, traces may have been mixed in while the food was being processed or prepared. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the food in our Special Dietary Menu is 100% free of the allergens, and it is offered as “low-allergen food.”

Do I need to make a reservation if I wish to order from the Special Dietary Menu?

No, you do not need to make a reservation in advance. Please contact a Cast Member at the restaurant on the day of your visit.

Can you accommodate requests to change the details of the menu?

No, we cannot accommodate such requests.

If I have allergies to food items that are not included in the 8 major allergens or the 17 other potential allergens, what kinds of services can you provide if I wish to dine at a restaurant that serves course meals?

We cannot accommodate specific dietary needs other than by providing the Special Dietary Menu (course or plate).

What services do you provide at the buffet restaurants if I have allergies to ingredients other than the 8 major allergens or the 20 other potential allergens?

The Special Dietary Plate is the only option available.

Is there an age restriction for the Special Dietary Plate?

The Special Dietary Plate is for children under ages 12 when dining at restaurants that serve course meals. There are no age restrictions when ordering the plate at a buffet restaurant.

Can I bring in my own meals?

Guests can bring their own food for children under ages 3, but restaurants serving course meals do not allow you to bring in food for children ages 4 and up.
You can also use the restaurant's tableware (dishes, spoons, etc.) for any children's food that you bring in.

  • Note: This is only available for Guests who do not require separate tableware because of allergies, as allergens may be embedded in the minute scratches formed on the surfaces of dishes, etc.

Can you provide allergen-free drinks?

No, we do not provide allergen-free drinks.

What should I do if a designated meal is already included in the Vacation Package?

You will be provided with a Special Dietary Menu (course or plate) instead. Please contact a Cast Member at the restaurant on the day of your visit. Please note that we cannot provide a refund for the difference in the price of the meals. For details on this menu, please click here.

I wish to order room service, but what kinds of allergen-free food do you provide?

The menu provided in the Disney Hotel Smart Order system lists the 8 major allergens used in the dishes, so please place your order after checking the details.
We provide a Special Dietary Plate or a Special Dietary Curry. To request this service, please call the Service Hotline from the room telephone.