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From January 10 to March 19, 2024

Disney Premier Access available

Featuring Minnie Mouse and her Disney friends, this parade is themed to the colorful and slightly fantastical “Funderland” that comes straight from Minnie’s imagination.

Duration: About 35 minutes

In this parade, Minnie and her Disney friends appear on a glittering float adorned with big bows, dressed in charming outfits featuring heart-shaped accessories and polka dots. Guests are invited to join the fun with Minnie and her pals by clapping and dancing along to the upbeat pop music.

When Viewing Shows and Parades

Disney Premier Access (available for a fee)

This service, available for a fee, will allow guests to select designated times to be admitted to and enjoy certain experiences.


Area (location) Park-wide (Parade Route and Castle Forecourt)
Type Outdoors


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Pink-shaded area
Parade Route

Yellow-shaded area
Area where the floats will stop

Viewing Areas for Parades

image of Viewing Areas for Parades

In addition to viewing areas that do not require advance bookings, there will also be designated viewing areas for Guests who have purchased Disney Premier Access or have Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package reservations.

  • Guests with Disney Premier Access (for viewing in front of Plaza Garden or at Castle Forecourt)
    ・ The location to view the performance within the viewing area will be specified in advance. On your day of visit, please view the performance from the specified location which will have a corresponding number at your feet.
    ・ The number indicating your specified location will be displayed on the screen of your device after you have completed your purchase of Disney Premier Access.
  • Guests with Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package reservations (for front row viewing at Plaza Garden or Castle Forecourt)
    ・ The designated viewing as well as seating areas for Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages will be available exclusively for guests who have made bookings for a package plan which includes viewing performances from these areas.
  • The floats are scheduled to make a stop during the parade in front of the above designated areas. Please contact a Cast Member on your day of visit for more information about where the floats will be making a stop.
  • Depending on the weather or other conditions on your day of visit, the location of each viewing area is subject to change. Please contact a Cast Member on your day of visit for details.