image of Mailboxes1

There are 10 mailboxes at various locations throughout the Park including World Bazaar. Letters sent from the Park will be imprinted with a Tokyo Disneyland commemorative design and taken to the post office.


Mailbox locations
World Bazaar (four locations)
Fantasyland (two locations)
Tomorrowland (two locations)

Commemorative Design Imprints
・The commemorative design is not always connected to the special event.
・You cannot chose the design.
・The maximum length of the design is 5.5 cm.
・The design may cover wording, graphics, and addresses on the postal item.
・Depending on the shape or size of the postal item, part of the design may be obscured.
・Paper type, finish and color can affect the quality of the imprint.
・A sample of the design can be seen at House of Greetings.
・After the letter is imprinted with the design, it will be delivered to the post office; therefore, the postmark will differ from the date that the letter was put in the mailbox.
・The date of the imprinted design will be the date that the letter was put in the mailbox.

-Postage stamps are required and can be purchased at shops near the mailboxes.