Woodchuck Greeting Trail


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Entry Request required
[Participating Disney Characters]
Donald Duck or Daisy Duck (please note you will not be able to specify the Disney Character)
Presented by: J:COM

Take a keepsake photo with Donald Duck or Daisy Duck at Woodchuck Hall, where meetings and formal ceremonies are held.


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- Disney Character Greeting Ticket will be required for the greeting depending on operating conditions.
- Everyone in your party who wants to experience this greeting should come together to the venue.
- Guests are requested to limit their photo-taking to one shot per party when using their own camera.
- A photographer may not always be available during the Disney Character Greeting.
- Greetings are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice due to Park operating conditions or inclement weather.
- Greetings may end when capacity is reached even before the scheduled end time.