Enjoy the Parks with an Overnight Stay:
Guide for First-time Visitors (After Reserving a Hotel)


Step 1: Think about what options and plans you want

The Disney Hotels offer various options and plans to make your stay even more special.

Reserve a restaurant in advanceのイメージ
Reserve a restaurant in advance

Some restaurants in the Disney Hotels accept reservations (Priority Seating). You will be able to dine at your preferred restaurant more smoothly if you reserve in advance.
The reservation method, and the starting date for accepting reservations, differ depending on how you made your hotel reservation.


Step 2: Think about How to Spend Your Time at the Parks

1 week – 2 months before

Use the following information to think about how you might wish to spend your time at the Parks.

Suggested itineraries

Step 3: To Enjoy a Smooth Park Visit / Hotel Stay

Immediately before – 1 week before

When the day of your visit nears, use the following information to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort more smoothly and to the fullest.

We look forward to your visit.

We look forward to your visit.