Balcony Room (Piazza View)


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Includes use of lounge
Includes breakfast

This is a Piazza View room located on the Porto Paradiso Side. It affords a view of the piazza and townscape of Tokyo DisneySea from its balcony. In addition to two regular beds, this room has a trundle bed that can be pulled out. Breakfast is served at the BellaVista Lounge.
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- Piazza View: These rooms afford a view of the piazza and townscape of Porto Paradiso. The view differs depending on the room.
- Windows can only be opened partially in order to avoid accidents and prevent items from falling out. Thank you for your understanding.
- The images shown are an example of the room type.
  • Speciale Rooms and Suites Porto Paradiso Side Balcony Room (Piazza View)

    4 persons
    Bed type:
    Room area:
    Until June 2, 2024: 40 m²
    From June 3, 2024: 40 m² to 43 m²


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The balcony affords a view of the piazza and townscape of Porto Paradiso.

Amenities / Facilities

  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Room slippers
  • Wash Cloth
  • Amenity kit (cotton swabs, cotton balls, hair band)
Items available in some guest rooms
  • Bath gel
  • Cosmetic set
  • DVD player (read only)
  • Bathrobe
  • Air purifier with humidifying function
  • Coffee maker
  • TV (general broadcast stations, Disney Channel)
  • Towels
  • Hand soap
  • Hair dryer
  • Pajamas (for adults)
  • Toilet with bidet
  • Safe deposit box
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric kettle
  • Complementary coffee and tea
  • Shampoo (in dispenser)
  • Conditioner (in dispenser)
  • Body wash (in dispenser)
  • Complimentary Mineral Water
Amenities for children

<Available in the room>

  • Children's slippers
  • Children's toothbrush
  • Children's mug
  • Children's step stool

<Available on request>

  • Children's pajamas
  • Diaper bag

<Available by reservation>

  • Bed-wetting pad
  • Toddler toilet seat
  • Crib for infants (under 18 months)
  • Baby bath
  • Hot water thermometer
  • Free Internet connection for Wi-Fi compatible devices
  • お子様用パジャマは下記のサイズがございます。
  • 大人用パジャマはセパレートタイプです。
  • アイスディスペンサーは各階にございます。
  • 備え付けのミネラルウォーターは無料となります。スペチアーレ・ルーム&スイートの客室につきましては、追加分も無料にて承ります。
  • 無料のコーヒー、お茶、ミネラルウォーターは客室タイプによって提供数がことなります。
  • 2023年2月28日(火)をもって客室でのペーパーバッグの常設を終了いたしました。ペーパーバッグが必要な場合はキャストへお申しつけください。紙ゴミ削減の取り組みとしてご協力をお願いいたします。
  • 東京ディズニーランドホテル、ディズニーアンバサダーホテル、東京ディズニーシー・ホテルミラコスタでは、2023年3月1日(水)以降、客室内にお持ち帰り可能なエコバッグ(1泊1室につき2個)をご用意いたします。
  • Children’s pajamas are available in the following sizes:
    S (under 100 cm in height), M (100 cm – 120 cm), L (120 cm – 140 cm)
  • Adult pajamas come as a shirt and trouser set.
  • An ice dispensing machine can be found on each floor.
  • The mineral water in the room is complimentary. Guest staying in Speciale Rooms and Suites may request extra bottles free of charge.
  • The amount of complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water available in your room will depend on your guest room type.
  • As of February 28, 2023, paper bags will no longer be available in Guest Rooms. Paper bags are available on request. Please see a Cast Member for details. Thank you for helping to reduce paper waste at Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • From March 1, 2023, shopping bags will be provided for Guests staying at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Ambassador Hotel, or Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. Click here for more details
  • 兒童睡衣尺寸如下:
    S 號(適合身高未滿 100 cm 的兒童)、M 號(適合身高 100~120 cm 的兒童)、L 號(適合身高 120~140 cm 的兒童)
  • 成人睡衣為兩件式。
  • 各樓層皆設有製冰機。
  • 客房內提供免費礦泉水。尊榮客房&套房可免費追加。
  • 咖啡包、茶包組以及礦泉水的免費提供數量依房型而有所不同。
  • 於 2023 年 2 月 28 日之後手提紙袋不再包含在客房用品中。如需手提紙袋,請洽演藝人員。為響應環保,敬請配合減少用紙。
  • 東京迪士尼樂園大飯店、迪士尼大使大飯店、東京迪士尼海洋觀海景大飯店自 2023 年 3 月 1 日起,客房內提供可攜離飯店的環保袋。瞭解詳情
  • 儿童睡衣尺码如下:
    S码(身高未满100 cm)、M码(身高100~120 cm)、L码(身高120~140 cm)
  • 成人睡衣为上下两件式。
  • 各楼层均设有制冰机。
  • 客房配有免费矿泉水。入住尊荣客房&套房的游客可免费加送矿泉水。
  • 免费咖啡、茶包和矿泉水的提供数量因客房类型而异。
  • 自2023年3月1日起,客房内将不再提供纸袋。如有需要,请告知演艺人员。本举措旨在减少纸类垃圾,感谢您的协助。
  • 2023年3月1日起,东京迪士尼乐园大饭店、迪士尼大使大饭店、东京迪士尼海洋观海景大饭店的客房将提供可带走的环保袋。了解详情
  • 어린이용 잠옷은 아래 사이즈가 준비되어 있습니다.
    S사이즈(신장 100cm 이하), M사이즈(신장 100~120cm), L사이즈(신장 120~140cm)
  • 어른용 잠옷은 상하 분리 타입입니다.
  • 아이스 디스펜서는 각 층에 있습니다.
  • 객실에 준비되어 있는 생수는 무료입니다. 스페치아레 룸&스위트의 객실은 추가분도 무료입니다.
  • 무료 커피, 차, 생수는 객실 타입에 따라 제공 수량이 다릅니다.
  • 2023년 2월 28일 자로 종이가방의 객실 비치를 종료합니다. 종이가방이 필요한 경우에는 디즈니 도우미에게 말씀해 주십시오. 종이 쓰레기를 줄이기 위해 협조 부탁드립니다.
  • 도쿄디즈니랜드 호텔, 디즈니 앰버서더 호텔, 도쿄디즈니씨 호텔 미라코스타에는 2023년 3월 1일부터 객실 안에 댁으로 가지고 가실 수 있는 에코백이 마련됩니다. 자세히 보기