Your dreams will come alive.

A brand-new nighttime entertainment
where Disney and Pixar friends remind dreamers
to keep on believing and
making their wishes come true.

Transforming Mediterranean Harbor,
Believe Sea of Dreams features
immersive technologies
that illuminate the night sky and, for the first time,
project everyone's favorite stories on the walls of
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®.
This 360° experience is further enhanced by
the performance of dancers and
an incredible musical score
to allow guests to feel they have
stepped into the stories
of their beloved Disney and Pixar friends.

Location Mediterranean Harbor
Duration About 30 minutes (Performances: 1 daily)

About the Viewing Area

In addition to viewing areas that do not require advance bookings, there will also be designated viewing areas for Guests who have purchased Disney Premier Access or have Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package reservations.
- The designated viewing as well as seating areas for Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages will be available exclusively for guests who have made bookings for a package plan which includes viewing performances from these areas.

See here for more details
about viewing areas.


"Sea of Dreams"
This is where wishes from
the heart turn into gleaming stars.
A wish that comes true
becomes a shooting star
and travels across the night sky,
but a "wishing star" that has lost
all hope loses its brightness.

When a dreamer is faced
with challenges
and is on the verge of
losing hope because
they feel their wish
cannot possibly come true,
can the power of believing
and never giving up
make their wishing star
shine once again?

The Disney story of never giving up
on your dreams begins now

Believe, and your wish will come true!
―It’s time to believe again―


Peter Pan and Wendy sail to
the Sea of Dreams and encounter
the "wishing stars" of the Disney friends.
They remind dreamers to never give up
and keep on believing in their wishes.
If a true wish is cast from a dreamer's heart,
their wishing star will shine bright
and their dream will come true.
What dreams lay hidden within the stars?