Guest Services and Facilities


If Members of Your Party Become Separated

Inside Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, the Lost Children facilities will care for lost Guests age 11 years or under and those with mental disabilities. For Guests 12 years of age or over who become separated from their party, please contact the nearest Cast Member.

Central First Aid


When you feel unwell or need first aid assistance, please contact the nearest Cast Member. You will be shown to a first aid facility for treatment. Certain medications can be purchased here.

  • If you are under any medication, be sure to bring your medicine with you.
  • AED (automated external defibrillator) equipment is available. (AEDs are located in various areas of Tokyo Disney Resort. In case of emergency, please contact the nearest Cast Member.)
Tokyo Disneyland Adventureland Central First Aid (next to Pirates of the Caribbean)
Tokyo DisneySea Mediterranean Harbor Central First Aid (next to Cafe Portofino)

Multi-function Restrooms for Guests Using Wheelchairs


Wheelchair-accessible restrooms that have more space and that have facilities for ostomates are located throughout the Parks.

Drinking Fountains


Inside Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, drinking fountains are available in two different heights. If you require a cup, please contact a Cast Member at the nearest restaurant or refreshment facility.

Storage Lockers

Coin-operated storage lockers are available. Belongings must be claimed on the day of rental.

Tokyo Disneyland Two locations inside the Park and six locations outside the Park
Tokyo DisneySea Six locations outside the Park and two locations inside the Park
Ikspiari The Courtyard (1st floor) and Traders' Passage (2nd floor)
  • Guests staying at the hotels inside Tokyo Disney Resort can leave their luggage at the Disney Hotels Service Counter on the station level of the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center or the Official Hotels Service Counter on the street level for delivery to the hotel they will be staying at.

Home Delivery Service

At the Home Delivery Service Center and at certain merchandise facilities, your purchases can be shipped home for a small fee. Depending on the season and type of merchandise, some items cannot be shipped.

Facilities Providing This Service
Tokyo Disneyland
  • Home Delivery Service Center
  • The Home Store
  • Gag Factory / Five and Dime
  • Bon Voyage (street level) (outside the Park)
Tokyo DisneySea
  • Home Delivery Service Center
  • Tower of Terror Memorabilia
  • Agrabah Marketplace
  • Kiss de Girl Fashions
Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Home Delivery Service Counter
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Home Delivery Service Counter
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Home Delivery Service Counter
Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel
  • Home Delivery Service Counter (Hours: 6:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. )
  • Home Delivery Service Center
  • Guests staying at one of the deluxe Disney hotels can have merchandise that they purchased in the Parks delivered to their hotel. They can pick up their purchases at the Guest Services Counter. This service is available at the shops (excluding wagons and balloon vendors) within Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Rental Wheelchairs / Motorized Wheelchairs


Guests may rent wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs at Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals for a fee. Rental wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are basically for use inside the Park only. If you wish to take a wheelchair out of the Park to the Guest Parking area, please come back to this facility first for permission. An official ID (a driver's license, etc.) that has your home address is required. Motorized wheelchairs are available and can be rented by Guests age 18 and over (numbers are limited).