Guests Accompanied by Assistance Dogs

assistance dogs

Mobility Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs under the Law Concerning Assistance Dogs for the Disabled are allowed in most Park facilities, including attractions. Guests must bring their official Assistance Dog identification document and their dog must wear the proper identifications as required by Japanese law. Before experiencing an attraction, please be sure to contact a Cast Member. Please note that you may not leave your Assistance Dog with the Cast Members. To experience an attraction that cannot accommodate Assistance Dogs, please have a member of your party wait with your dog outside of the attraction.

Experiencing the Attractions

Safety Notice For Attractions

  • - Guest who do not meet the height, or physical requirements may not ride certain attractions.
  • - Children under age 7 must be accompanied by a person age 16 or over on all attractions.

Safety Requirement for Attractions

For safety reasons, certain attractions require Guests to be accompanied by an able-bodied member of their party. For details, please refer to the Information Book.

  • For details, please contact a Cast Member at the attraction.

Emergency Evacuation of Attractions

In case of emergency evacuation, Guests may be required to walk certain distances, negotiate stairs and/or narrow walkways, have a companion assist or carry them, or wait in the vehicle for an extendend period of time for assistance. Guests who are not able to evacuate outside in an emergency, even with assistance, may not experience the attraction. For details, please contact a Cast Member at the attraction.

Attractions for Guests accompanied by an Assistance Dog

Some attractions can be experienced by Guests accompanied by an Assistance Dog. For details, please refer to the Information Book.

Restaurants & Shops

Guests may enter all merchandise and food facilities with their Assistance Dog.

Relief Area for Assistance Dogs

Please contact a Cast Member regarding the designated area for the Assistance Dog to relieve itself.