For Guests Staying at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel



Guest Room Categories
The explanations provided under each guest room category indicate the location of the room within the hotel, and are not a guarantee of the view from that room. You can request the categories and room types that you want when making a reservation, but please understand that you cannot designate the specific location or floor of the room.


Guest Rooms Facilities
■Windows in the guest rooms (with some exceptions) can only be opened partially in order to avoid accidents and prevent items from falling out.
■For your safety, when leaving the guest room, please be sure to turn off any electric appliances that you brought into the room, and remove any plugs from the sockets.


Receiving Information during Your Stay
Information and requests from the Parks and the hotel will be displayed on the TV screen. Please be sure to check the screen after you enter into the room.


For Guests Arriving after 8:00 p.m.
Please notify the hotel if you are due to arrive after 8:00 p.m. Please be aware that the hotel may contact you on the phone number that you provided to confirm your arrival time. Your reservation may be cancelled if you fail to notify the hotel. (Please note that your deposit will also not be refunded.)