Standard Room (Square View)


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Most of these rooms sleep up to three guests (two regular beds and a trundle bed). Some rooms also feature a pull-down bed and can accommodate up to four guests.

- Square View: These rooms look out onto Toy Friends Square, a courtyard featuring a collection of toys, games and favorite characters from the Disney and Pixar Toy Story films.
- All guest rooms are non-smoking.
- All photos are concept images.


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image of Standard Room (Square View)のレイアウト2

Amenities / Facilities

  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Room slippers
  • Amenity kit (cotton swabs, cotton balls, hair elastic)
  • Razors are available at the Guest Service Counter.
  • Wash Cloth
  • TV (general broadcast stations, Disney Channel)
  • Towels
  • Hand soap
  • Hair dryer
  • Pajamas (for adults)
  • Toilet with bidet
  • Safe deposit box
  • Refrigerator
  • Complementary coffee and tea
  • Shampoo (in dispenser)
  • Conditioner (in dispenser)
  • Body wash (in dispenser)
  • Electric kettle
Amenities for children

<Available in the room>

  • Children's step stool

<Available on request>

  • Children's pajamas
  • Diaper bag
  • Children's slippers
  • Children's toothbrush

<Available by reservation>

  • Crib for infants (under 18 months)
  • Free Internet connection for Wi-Fi compatible devices
  • お子さま用パジャマは下記のサイズがございます。
  • お子さま用パジャマ・お子さま用アメニティーは、ゲストサービスカウンターにご用意しております。ご希望の際は、キャストへお申しつけください。
  • 大人用パジャマはセパレートタイプです。
  • 無料のコーヒー、お茶は客室タイプによって提供数がことなります。
  • おねしょパッド、子ども用補助便座は、当日ゲストサービスカウンターにて貸し出しいたします。
  • ウォーターサーバー、アイスディスペンサーは各階にあります。
  • Children’s pajamas are available in the following sizes:
    S (under 100 cm in height), M (100 cm – 120 cm), L (120 cm – 140 cm)
  • Children’s pajamas and amenities are available from the Guest Service Counter. Please inform a Cast Member if you wish to use them.
  • Adult pajamas come as a shirt and trouser set.
  • The amount of complimentary coffee, tea available in your room will depend on your guest room type.
  • A water server and an ice dispenser can be found on each floor.
  • 兒童睡衣尺寸如下:
    S 號(適合身高未滿 100 cm 的兒童)、M 號(適合身高 100~120 cm 的兒童)、L 號(適合身高 120~140 cm 的兒童)
  • 遊客服務櫃檯提供兒童睡衣、兒童客房用品。如有需要,請洽演藝人員。
  • 成人睡衣為兩件式。
  • 咖啡包、茶包組的免費提供數量依房型而有所不同。
  • 各樓層皆設有飲水機、製冰機。
  • 儿童睡衣尺码如下:
    S码(身高不到100 cm)、M码(身高100~120 cm)、L码(身高120~140 cm)
  • 游客服务柜台提供儿童睡衣和儿童用品。如有需要,请告知演艺人员。
  • 成人睡衣为上下两件式。
  • 免费咖啡、茶包的提供数量因客房类型而异。
  • 各楼层均设有饮水机和制冰机。
  • 어린이용 잠옷은 아래의 사이즈가 준비되어 있습니다.
    S사이즈(신장 100cm 이하), M사이즈(신장100~120cm), L사이즈(신장120~140cm)
  • 어린이용 잠옷과 어메니티는 게스트 서비스 카운터에 준비되어 있습니다. 필요하시면 디즈니 도우미에게 요청해 주십시오.
  • 어른용 잠옷은 상하 분리 타입입니다.
  • 무료 커피, 차 는 객실 타입에따라 제공 수량이 다릅니다.
  • 정수기, 아이스 디스펜서는 각 층에 있습니다.