List of Facilities



Lotso Garden Cafeのイメージ
Lotso Garden Cafe2F
Breakfast 6:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Dinner 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
- Dining on April 5 will be limited to dinner service only.
- Hours are subject to change.

Offering buffet service at breakfast and dinner, this restaurant draws its inspiration from Lotso, the lovable pink-and-white plush teddy bear featured in the Disney and Pixar film Toy Story 3.

Dining at Lotso Garden Cafe is only available for guests staying at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel.

- Guests staying at Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel can use the restaurant from breakfast on check-in date up to dinner on check out date.

  • The restaurant is non-smoking.
  • Menu content and prices are subject to change.
Dining Capacity
About 300 seats

This restaurant accepts advanced bookings (Priority Seating).

Guests may remain in their wheelchair while dining.


  Breakfast Dinner
Adult (ages 13 and over) ¥2,800 ¥4,200
Children (ages 7 to 12) ¥1,700 ¥2,300
Children (ages 4 to 6) ¥1,100 ¥1,500
Children ages 3 or under Free Free



  • Gift Planet
    In addition to Tokyo Disney Resort merchandise, guests may also purchase items exclusive to the hotel.
    - The hotel does not have a drugstore, and does not sell medicinal products. Please contact a Cast Member for the location of the nearest drugstore.

  • Shop Together
    The shop offers a range of daily sundries from diapers and other baby items to soft drinks and confectionery.
    - The hotel does not have a drugstore, and does not sell medicinal products. Please contact a Cast Member for the location of the nearest drugstore.
    - Please refrain from eating and drinking in the lobby or other public spaces.
    - Plastic bags are available for a separate fee (5 yen per bag).

Guest Service Facilities

Front Desk2F

Located in the lobby, the Front Desk handles check-in and checkout procedures and provides various other services.

Services Provided

    • Check-in / checkout
    • Copy / fax (fee required)
    • Information on Storage Lockers for laptop computers
    • Currency exchange (using an automatic foreign currency exchange machine, only for changing foreign currency into Japanese yen)
    • Postal Services (fee required)
      • Upon request, Guests can have their letter imprinted with the hotel’s special stamp.

Guest Service Counter2F

At the Guest Service Counter located in the lobby, Guests can purchase Park tickets, have their baggage stored and ask any questions they may have during their stay.

Services Provided

Home Delivery Service2F

Guests can have their baggage or shopping delivered from the hotel to their home.

Services Provided

  • Delivery service for baggage and shopping
    • Payment is by cash only. Credit cards, coupons, etc. are not accepted.


Other facilities

  • Medallion Makers
    Guests can make their own Souvenir Medallion with an exclusive hotel design using the Medallion Makers. Take home a souvenir medallion as a memento of your visit to the hotel.

  • Smoking Room
    Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. For guests who wish to smoke, please use the Smoking Room located on the Lobby floor (second floor).

  • Baby Care Room
    This facility can be used to nurse infants and change diapers.

  • Guest Laundry
    Coin laundry is available for the use of guests staying at the hotel. Guests can wash and dry their laundry here (fee required).
    - A room key is required to enter.


  • Toy Friends Square
    The courtyard, accessed from the lobby, features statues of Woody, Bo Peep and other Toy Story characters.


  • Slinky Dog Park
    The plaza in front of the entrance features a board game themed to Slinky, with statues of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.