Disney Character Greeting Schedule (Monthly)


Sep 2020

20(S) Rest
21(M) Rest
22(T) Rest
23(W) Rest
24(T) Rest
25(F) Rest
26(S) Rest
27(S) Rest
28(M) Rest
29(T) Rest
30(W) Rest

Oct 2020

1(T) Rest
2(F) Rest
3(S) Rest
4(S) Rest
5(M) Rest
6(T) Rest
7(W) Rest
8(T) Rest
9(F) Rest
10(S) Rest
11(S) Rest
12(M) Rest
13(T) Rest
14(W) Rest
15(T) Rest
16(F) Rest
17(S) Rest
18(S) Rest
19(M) Rest
20(T) Rest
21(W) Rest
22(T) Rest
23(F) Rest
24(S) TBD
25(S) TBD
26(M) TBD
27(T) TBD
28(W) TBD
29(T) TBD
30(F) TBD
31(S) TBD
  • Greetings are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice due to Park operating conditions or inclement weather.
  • Greetings may end when capacity is reached even before the scheduled end time.
  • Guests are requested to limit their photo-taking to one shot per party when using their own camera.