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Disney's eTicket
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  • Buy online from your home computer
  • Print ticket with your home printer
  • Fold ticket into eighths so that the two-dimensional barcode is visible
  • You can use the printed ticket to get Disney FASTPASS tickets!
The 4 benefits of Disney's eTicket
  • No waiting in line at the ticket booths
  • Be reassured with guaranteed Park admission
  • Purchase tickets at home
  • Buy tickets just before you go
  • Date of Visit


Ticket Types and Prices Adult: Ages 18 and over / Junior: Ages 12-17 / Child: Ages 4-11

Note: Ages 3 and under admitted free.

  Adult Junior Child Disney's eTicket
For visiting a Park on one day 1-Day Passport ¥6,400 ¥5,500 ¥4,200
Gift Passport -
Senior Passport
(Ages 60 and over)
¥5,700 - -
Birthday Passport ¥8,700 ¥7,800 ¥6,500
For visiting the Parks on consecutive days 2-Day Passport
¥11,000 ¥9,800 ¥7,600
3-Day Magic Passport
¥14,200 ¥12,700 ¥9,800
4-Day Magic Passport ¥16,500 ¥14,800 ¥11,500
For visiting the Parks on evenings or nights Starlight Passport ¥5,000 ¥4,400 ¥3,500
After 6 Passport ¥3,900 ¥3,900 ¥3,900
  • Note: Disney's eTicket is only available for fixed-date tickets.
  • ● Indicates that this type of ticket is available through Disney's eTicket.

Attention on Printing Tickets

1. System and browser requirements

Internet Browsers Print Margins Printer
Internet Explorer 7 or later
Firefox 3 or later
Safari 5 or later
Firefox 3 or late
1 cm (10 mm) each for top, bottom, left, and right. Printers that accepts A4-sized paper.

2. Display sample ticket

Display a sample of a “Disney's eTicket Passport”

3. Print the sample ticket to test printing results

Does the printout fill the A4-sized paper exactly, or does it come out too small?
Note: Black-and-white printout is also accepted.
Are there any blurs, smudges, or flaws to the two-dimensional barcodes on the upper left and lower left of the printout?
Is the left edge of the two-dimensional barcode more than 2 cm apart from the edge of the paper?

Answers to Your Questions and Concerns about Disney's eTicket

The printed ticket is large and cumbersome. How should I carry this around?

  • The printed ticket will be about the size of a regular Passport ticket if you fold it into eighths.
    This size is also perfect for inserting it into the FASTPASS ticketing machines.

I'm worried that I might soil it or lose it after printing it out.

  • You can print your ticket as often as you wish if it is within its expiration date.
    To print, login to the reservation site, and click “My Bookings” on the upper right.
    If you have multiple copies of the same ticket, please note that only the one ticket you used to enter the Park will be valid. You will not be able to use your other copies of the same ticket to enter the Park.
    Handling and safeguarding your ticket is your responsibility.

Can I print out the ticket in black and white?

  • Yes, you can. Ticket printed out in black and white can be used at the Parks.