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Greeting Venue
for Minnie Mouse

A Disney Character Greeting venue in Toontown where you can meet fashionable Minnie Mouse, dressed in her seasonally-designed outfit at her photo studio.



World-renowned fashion designer
Minnie Mouse welcomes Guests

At the entrance to Toontown stands
an eye-catching building topped
with a big, polka-dotted bow.
This is the studio
where Minnie Mouse designs, creates,
and photographs her new fashions.

Walk through the lobby, Minnie's office, and her workroom, and then head over to the photo studio.

At the studio, you can take a photo with Minnie Mouse dressed in her fashionable outfit that changes every season.

Minnie Mouse has four different styles of outfits that are perfect for each season. Minnie Mouse, the fashion designer, will welcome you in her gorgeous outfit.

  • Please always wear a mask, including when you take photos.
  • To maintain an adequate distance from other parties, please follow the instructions of the Cast Members. Please refrain from making physical contact (high fives, hugs, autographs, etc.) or speaking in a loud voice.
  • Please limit the photo-taking to one shot per party when using your own camera.
  • Depending on the weather and other circumstances, photo-taking may be suspended.
  • Currently, professional photographers are not available to take pictures.

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