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Check out our first shop at Tokyo Disney Resort specializing in popcorn, and a restaurant inspired by Gaston's tavern from the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Beauty and the Beast! In addition, a series of menu items commemorating the opening of the new venues will be available.

Menu Items



La Taverne de Gaston

Inspired by the tavern frequented by Gaston in the Walt Disney Animation Studios' Beauty and the Beast, this counter service restaurant has seating for about 200 guests.

The restaurant of Gaston
the village's vain and arrogant hunter

The interior of the tavern proudly displays trophies celebrating Gaston’s many accomplishments. There’s even the large portrait of Gaston above the fireplace as seen in the film.

You can enjoy Gaston's hearty fare here. You'll find a sausage in a croissant, a soft drink version of Gaston’s favorite brew and more.



Gaston's sidekick
LeFou's snack shop

This counter-service snack shop is located next door to La Taverne de Gaston.
Here you can enjoy apple-caramel churros, available for the first time at the Park.

Popcorn Wagon
Le Petit Popper

This wagon serves up
freshly popped popcorn.

The name of this wagon in the village where Belle lives means "the little popcorn shop." The aroma of fresh popcorn is sure to whet your appetite.


The Big Pop

Located next door to The Happy Ride with Baymax, this popcorn specialty shop is themed to outer space.

First shop at Tokyo Disney Resort specializing in popcorn

In this shop, a huge popcorn chandelier hangs from the starry ceiling and large windows give views of the kitchen where the popcorn is being made.
You can mix and match a variety of popcorn flavors and buckets as you like at this shop.


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