Fantasy Springs - A New Chapter Begins ファンタジースプリングス ニューチャプター・ビギンズ展 Tokyo DisneySea®

Embark on a voyage to
explore the source of
Disney's imagination

Fantasy Springs marks
the beginning of a new chapter
in the story of Tokyo DisneySea.
Embark on an adventure to experience
the world of "the magical springs
that lead to a world of Disney fantasy"
and delve into the multitude of stories
that are woven into the springs.

A new chapter begins here.


From June 6 through
September 30, 2024


Ikspiari 2F Trail & Track


Fantasy Springs, the eighth themed port, opens at Tokyo DisneySea on June 6. This exhibit will present the story of Tokyo DisneySea, from its grand opening to today, and Fantasy Springs, which will begin a new chapter at the park. Through scale models, concept art, cast member costumes and more that were actually used in the making of Tokyo DisneySea, explore the source of Disney's imagination and the many stories that are woven into the world of Fantasy Springs.

The exhibit begins with the birth of Tokyo DisneySea and how the park has since evolved. Guests can also take a look through a photo album featuring the beautiful scenery of each themed port.

Enjoy and explore the stories of Fantasy Springs. Using three screens, this immersive experience will invite you to a source of imagination.

Through this video presentation, delve into the passion of those who made the grand opening of Fantasy Springs possible.

This part of the exhibit introduces the three areas themed to Walt Disney Animation Studios films and the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. 1/25 scale models of the areas, props that help portray the world of Fantasy Springs, cast member costumes, and more will also be featured.

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Adult Junior Child
Price of Admission (tax included) 1,300
For Guests with Disabilities (tax included) 1,000

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Adult Junior Child
Price of Admission (tax included) 1,000

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From 10 a.m. on May 7, reservations can be made for dates of visit from June 6 through June 30.

Reservations for dates of visit on or after July 1 will be accepted every Tuesday at 10 a.m. for the following week.

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  • Cashless payment methods such as credit cards or electronic payments when purchasing admission tickets are recommended.
  • Entry by members of organized crime groups or individuals associated with organized crime groups is strictly prohibited.

Event Overview


10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
(Last entry 8:30 p.m.)


1-4 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba-ken
Ikspiari 2F Trail & Track

Getting to Ikspiari


  • Q:

    Can I purchase tickets without making a reservation?


    It is not mandatory, but we recommend making a reservation to ensure smooth entry to the exhibit.

    You may be asked to wait if you have not booked a ticket in advance. Additionally, depending on the conditions on the day, entry may not be possible.

  • Q:

    Can I cancel my reservation?


    Yes, you can. Please cancel your reservation from the "My Tickets" section on the reservation website or use the URL provided in the reservation confirmation email. We do not accept cancellations over the phone. In the case of cancellation, no payment will be charged.

  • Q:

    If the number of guests in my party on the day is greater or fewer than the number of reservations I made, what should I do?

    If the number of guests is fewer on the day
    No changes to the reservation are required. Please purchase tickets at the venue entrance for the number of guests entering the exhibit on the day.
    If the number of guests is greater on the day
    Please consult a cast member at the counter. Depending on the day's status of reservations, you may be asked to wait before you can be admitted.
  • Q:

    Will there be merchandise available for purchase?


    No, there will be no merchandise available for purchase.

  • Q:

    Is there a time limit?


    You can enjoy the exhibit without a time limit.

    The exhibit hours are until 9:00 p.m. (last entry 8:30 p.m.).