1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic

This ticket is available for guests staying at a select hotel with an eligible accommodations plan, allowing for an even more enjoyable experience at Fantasy Springs.

  • 1.
    Enjoy Tokyo DisneySea on your day of visit
  • 2.
    Enter Fantasy Springs anytime during the Park's operating hours
  • 3.
    Enjoy attractions at Fantasy Springs without specifying a time in advance and with a reduced wait time
  • Guests may use the Priority Access Entrance when experiencing attractions at Fantasy Springs, with the exception of Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies.
  • Please note that there may be a longer wait for the attractions during busy times.
  • Guests will not be able to experience the attractions that are temporarily closed.
  • There is no limit to the number of times guests can experience attractions.

Ticket Prices

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic
Adult (Ages 18+) 22,900 yen – 25,900 yen
Junior (ages 12–17) 21,600 yen – 24,000 yen
Child (ages 4–11) 19,700 yen – 20,600 yen

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic (for Guests with Disabilities)

1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic (for Guests with Disabilities)
Adult (Ages 18+) 21,500 yen – 23,700 yen
Junior (ages 12–17) 20,300 yen – 22,200 yen
Child (ages 4–11) 18,800 yen – 19,400 yen
  • Ticket prices are based on variable pricing.
  • Details on the ticket prices for each day will be announced on the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website as soon as they are determined.
  • "1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic (for Guests with Disabilities)" may be purchased by guests with a disability certificate and one accompanying guest. For details, see here.

Who Can Purchase This Park Ticket

  • Guests staying at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel
  • Guests who have booked an eligible Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package plan
  • For details on how Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel guests can purchase Park tickets, please check here.
  • Vacation Packages are accommodation plans that include Park tickets. For details, please check here.
  • Guests who booked an applicable plan through Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages cannot use their Guest Benefits to purchase additional 1-Day Passport: Fantasy Springs Magic tickets for the days when you already have a Park ticket.

How to Use This Ticket
After Entering Tokyo DisneySea

How to Enter Fantasy Springs

Step 1.
Present your Park ticket at the entrance to Fantasy Springs.

Step 2.
Fasten wristband

  • A Cast Member at the entrance to the attraction will fasten a wristband around your wrist when you experience an attraction for the first time.
  • To enjoy an attraction for a second or subsequent time, please present your Park ticket and wristband upon entry.
  • The wristband cannot be exchanged or reissued.
  • The wristband is valid only for the day of use.
  • Please make sure your wristband is securely fastened around your wrist to prevent it from coming off.

How to Experience Attractions

Present your Park ticket and wristband.

Dining at Restaurants (Placing an order with Disney Mobile Order)
- Only available at participating restaurants

Please use Disney Mobile Order to place an order at participating restaurants within Fantasy Springs.

Participating restaurants:
・ Royal Banquet of Arendelle
・ Lookout Cookout
・ The Snuggly Duckling