Shopping bags to be charged at shops in Tokyo Disney Resort


We announced that shopping bags currently provided without charge for merchandise purchases at locations within Tokyo Disney Resort, including Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park, will only be available for a fee starting October 1, 2020. Please see below for details.

Shopping bags (fee applied from October 1)

Size:Two types (length 290 mm x height 460 mm, and length 530 mm x height 570 mm x width 90 mm)
Price:20 yen each for either size (including tax) 

  • The shopping bags will be environmentally friendly and combine 40% biomass materials.
  • Fee will also apply to shopping bags at restaurants and other facilities.
Our efforts will continue to be made to sustain the environment for future generations and offer happiness for our guests.

Size and design of shopping bags provided without charge up to September 30


Size and design of shopping bags to be available for a fee from October 1