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Lottery Available

Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends go on an adventure to seek out the Rio Dorado (Spanish for “golden river”) and its legendary city of gold.

[Location / Duration]
Hangar Stage / About 30 minutes
Stage show, Presented even on rainy days

This show features an original story in a rousing live performance with impressive projection mapping.


Reserved seating (free) for "Song of Mirage" is available by lottery.

●Reserved and non-reserved seating, as well as standing areas, are available. Reserved seating is available by lottery.
●To view the performance from non-reserved seating and the standing area, please go directly to Hangar Stage with your entire party. 
Admission will end when capacity is reached. 

- Under some circumstances, the lottery may not be held.
When the lottery is not held, please go directly to Hangar Stage with your entire party. Admission will end when capacity is reached.
- Lottery winners must show the Park tickets that were used for the lottery to enter the venue.
- The lottery is located at Biglietteria. Your party may attempt the lottery only once a day.

When Viewing Shows and Parades

- When viewing performances, please remove large hats or other headwear.
- Children should not be lifted above adult head-level.
- Please do not take photos or videos during the performance.
- You may not enter or exit during the performance.


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