Special Program at Tokyo DisneySea "Duffy’s Sunny Fun"


June 6 through August 27, 2019

image of Special Program at Tokyo DisneySea "Duffy’s Sunny Fun"1

Tokyo Disney Resort will be presenting “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” at Tokyo DisneySea from June 6 through August 27, 2019. This new special program will bring a seaside holiday atmosphere to the Cape Cod area of American Waterfront. Guests can immerse themselves in the gentle world of Duffy and friends in this event themed to playing in the sand, eating ice cream and enjoying the relaxing days of a Cape Cod summer.


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The Cape Cod area of American Waterfront will feature decorations inspired by “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” including a photo location depicting the four friends enjoying ice cream and drinks in the shade of colorful beach umbrellas, and another showing them playing at the beach in their swimming costumes. Other decorations, such as a sandy beach scene where Duffy and friends recently played, add to the fun summer atmosphere.

Special Merchandise

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About 40 different types of special merchandise inspired by the summer holiday theme of “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” will be available. There will be costume sets in summer prints for Duffy and Friends, as well as items for Guests to wear at the Park such as T-shirts, sunglasses and fun caps. Ice pop molds in the shape of Duffy and Friends, tumblers and other items allow Guests to enjoy the breezy beach theme at home too.

Special Menus

image of Special Menus1

Six types of menu items that come with “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” souvenirs, including a lunch case, a plate, and a mini inflatable coaster, will be available. Iced Caramel Milk Tea and other special menu items will be available at Cape Cod Cook-Off and Cape Cod Confections.

The contents of the menus may change and some items will only be available while the supply lasts.

Disney Character Greetings

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image of Disney Character Greetings2

Guests can meet Duffy and ShellieMay at Village Greeting Place and near Cape Cod Cook-Off. They will be wearing new costumes just for this special program.

Disney Resort Line

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image of Disney Resort Line2

Day pass tickets will be available in limited-period designs for “Duffy’s Sunny Fun” at all four Disney Resort Line stations, and the monorail trains and stations will feature decorations and photo locations themed to the event.

All photos are concept images.
Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to inclement weather, etc.
The number of performances each day is also subject to change.
Special merchandise items are available in limited numbers and may sell out.
The contents of the menus may change and some items will only be available while the supply lasts.