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The Tokyo DisneySea special event, “Pixar Playtime,” will give Guests a variety of experiences themed to the world of Disney・Pixar films. Guests of all ages will be able to enjoy all their favorite Disney・Pixar Characters in the participatory stage show “Pixar Playtime Pals,” as well as in other entertainment programs around the Park. In various locations, Guests can also try the interactive game booths that are themed to a board game. This year, Guests will find new photo locations inspired by the worlds of the Disney・Pixar film Coco (released in Japan as Remember Me) and the Finding Nemo film series.

Pixar Playtime Pals

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Venue: Piazza Topolino, Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 30 minutes
Performances: 2-3 Daily
Number of Performers: About 40 (including about 17 Disney・Pixar Characters)

The Disney・Pixar Characters gather at Piazza Topolino to play fun games with all the Guests. The challenge is to complete three games inspired by the Toy Story film series, The Incredibles film series and the Finding Nemo film series. When all the games are successfully completed, lots of Disney・Pixar Characters show up and raise the level of excitement. For the first time this year, Edna Mode from the The Incredibles film series will make an appearance. The show’s finale will feature large balloons with motifs of the Disney・Pixar Characters. 

Lightning McQueen Victory Lap

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Venue: New York Area, American Waterfront
Duration: About 25 minutes
Performances: 3-4 Daily

The now world-famous racer, Lightning McQueen, is coming to American Waterfront for a victory lap. As crowds of Guests look on, Lightning McQueen makes his appearance. Dancers also join, together with the Guests, for a “drive” through American Waterfront. In the latter part of the program, the music builds up and creates a festival mood. A checkered flag waves to mark when the goal is reached.

Chef Remy & You

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Venue: In front of Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante, Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 20 minutes
Performances: 2-4 Daily

A pop-up of the popular French restaurant, Ratatouille, from the Disney・Pixar film of the same name, is back again in Mediterranean Harbor. The cheerful waiter and the chefs-in-training make their appearance and take orders from the Guests. They try to prepare the special full-course meal for the day, but they don’t quite succeed. Just then, Remy and the chefs show up and propose that everyone join in and prepare the meal together. Following Remy’s directions, the Guests “cook” happily together with the chef-in-training and through everyone’s cooperation produce a special French meal.

Pixar Pals Steamers

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Venue: Tokyo DisneySea waterways
Duration: About 20 minutes
Performances: 2-3 Daily

Disney・Pixar Characters board the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line as a way to play together and greet Guests who are enjoying the special event.


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Guests will be immersed in the world of Disney・Pixar films through the decorations around the Park. Waterfront Park in the New York area of American Waterfront will be transformed into a symbolic board game with the pavement decorated to look like the colorful squares of a gameboard.
In several areas within Tokyo DisneySea, interactive decorations in the form of game booths will be set up. Guests can help change Lightning McQueen’s tires or help Remy, who loves to cook, finish up preparing his dish. By working together with friends and family, Guests will be able to successfully complete the various games.
In addition, new photo locations will be set up themed to the Disney・Pixar film Coco, as well as the Finding Nemo film series and The Incredibles film series.

Special Merchandise

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With designs featuring the board game theme of “Pixar Playtime,” about 100 different types of special merchandise will be offered for the special event. These include sweatshirts and caps, as well as items perfect for enjoying the “Lightning McQueen Victory Lap”. There are also rice crackers that can be enjoyed in a unique way as an element of a board game. These are packaged in a paper box that can be used to create game pieces.

Note: Special merchandise will be available from January 7, 2019.

Special Menus

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Guests will be able to enjoy menu items themed to the world of Disney・Pixar at restaurants around the Park. New York Deli will serve special menu items themed to the Cars film series, while Vulcania Restaurant and Sultan's Oasis will serve dishes with motifs of the Disney・Pixar Characters from the Monsters, Inc. film series. The special menu at Cafe Portofino will feature pasta, soup and dessert inspired by the Toy Story film series, and Casbah Food Court will offer dishes inspired by The Incredibles film series. Guests will be able to get a taste of the world of Disney・Pixar films through these tempting dishes.

Note: Special menu items will be available from January 9, 2019.

All photos are concept images.
Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to inclement weather, etc.
The number of performances each day is also subject to change.
Special merchandise items are available in limited numbers and may sell out.
The contents of the menus may change and some items will only be available while the supply lasts.