Regarding unused tickets for the Disney Resort Line during the period of temporary Park closure


Please read below if you have the following tickets for the Disney Resort Line

Must be valid from February 29 through June 30, 2020 and unused
・Ticket Pack
・Ticket Pack with discounted price
・Day Pass Ticket (all types)

The above tickets will be eligible for:

Refund without charge after confirmation of the remaining number of tickets valid for use.
Please go to the ticket office at any of the Disney Resort Line monorail stations with any of the above tickets.

  • You must turn in the ticket(s) upon refund.
  • Day Pass tickets with the “Duffy and Friends' Heartwarming Days” design will be subject to an extension of the validity period due to the closure of the Parks which took place immediately after sales started. Please contact the station Cast Member for details.

Refund requests accepted until:

June 30, 2021