The Diamond Horseshoe Presents "Mickey & Company"

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Reservations required
Stage shows

Duration: About 80 minutes (performance time: about 60 minutes)

Presented by: The Diamond Horseshoe (Hosted by: Prima Meat Packers, Ltd.)

Slue Foot Sue, the owner of The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant, has invited the entertainment troupe "Mickey & Company" for a special one-night only performance. Mickey, Minnie, and "Chef" Donald discover that the maitre d' is in love with Slue Foot Sue and together with the Guests in the audience they try to help him express his feelings for her.

Temporary Closure of Park Facilities:2020/7/1 - TBD


Area (location) Westernland (The Diamond Horseshoe)
Type Indoors, Presented even on rainy days


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- Performances are subject to change or cancellation without notice.