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Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku Station)
6 40
7 00 20 40
8 10 30 50
9 10 30 50
10 20
11 00

Bus stop

bus terminal

Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku Station)

Time required

About 50 min. to Tokyo Disneyland


Adult ¥1,000 (one-way)
Child ¥500 (one-way)

For more information, please call:

Keisei Bus Service 03-3691-0935
JR Bus Service Kanto 03-3844-1950
  • Buses may be delayed due to heavy traffic on the roads around Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • Seating Capacity: You will not be able to board the bus if seating capacity is reached. Please be aware that this also applies for the last bus of the day.
  • Bus schedule is subject to change due to timetable revisions.
  • For bus schedules during the year-end and new year period, please contact the transport operators.