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Using This Website

Purchasing Park Tickets

Steps for Purchasing Park Tickets

Select Park Ticket Purchase

Click ""Purchase Park Tickets"" or <A> ""Search for Park Tickets"" in the Reservations/Purchase Top page.

Search for Park Tickets

In the search box (What kind of Park Tickets are you looking for?), select the Day of Park Visit and click <B> "Search." You can filter your search by selecting 1-Day Passports, Multi-Day Passports, or Evening Only Tickets at the bottom of the search box.

Select Ticket Types

Click the Mickey icons to the right of the tickets you are interested in, then click <C> "Next" to proceed to the next page.
-- You can select multiple ticket types at a time.

Specify Park Ticket Details

Select quantities for each ticket type. For tickets that require Park selection, please select a Park (Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea).
When you have completed your selection for all ticket types, click <D> "Next" to add them to your Travel Case.

Please check the steps after Travel Case by clicking here.