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Convenient Services Outside the Park

Various services and facilities are available outside the Park to help our Guests enjoy their time at Tokyo DisneySea.
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    Ticket Booths North / South / Group Sales Window
    Booths for same-day ticket sales and group ticket sales (for groups of 25 or more).
    Entry / Re-Entry, Exit
    Tokyo DisneySea entrances, exits and re-entry gates.
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    Hotel/Park Gateway
    A convenient passageway between Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta and Tokyo DisneySea Park.
    Tokyo DisneySea Information
    Located outside of the Park in Tokyo DisneySea Station, this facility provides a variety of information and services.
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    Parkway Gifts North, Parkway Gifts South
    Located outside the Park, these two shops provide Guests with the opportunity to purchase popular items from Tokyo DisneySea.
    Photo Terrace
    A space where groups can freely take commemorative photos of their visit.
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    Pet Club
    For the comfort and safety of your pet dog or cat, you may wish to leave them at the Pet Club.
    Picnic Areas
    For Guests who prefer to bring their own meals, picnic areas with tables and chairs are set up outside the Park in two locations.
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    Restrooms, Public Telephones
    Restrooms and public telephones are located throughout the Park.
    Storage Lockers
    Located near the Main Entrance
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    Smoking Areas
    For courtesy and the safety of all Guests, smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
    Guest Parking, Resort Parking
    Parking areas for Tokyo DisneySea Guests

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