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Convenient Services Inside the Park

Tokyo DisneySea offers a variety of Guest services and facilities to make your stay in the Park even more enjoyable.
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    Guest Relations
    Guest Relations provides general information about the Park.
    Guided Tours
    Listen to anecdotes and stories about the Park that you normally wouldn't get a chance to hear.

    Only available in Japanese.

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    Park Information Board
    Check this board for Park operating conditions and scheduled start times for entertainment.
    Lost Children
    A facility for the care of children ages 11 and under who become separated from their guardians.
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    Baby Center / Nursing Mother's Lounge
    A place for nursing or feeding infants is provided here, as well as diaper changing facilities and other services.
    Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals
    Strollers, wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are available for rental.
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    First Aid
    If you should feel unwell or become injured inside the Park, please speak to a nearby Cast Member.
    Restrooms, Public Telephones
    Restrooms and public telephones are located throughout the Park.
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    Storage Lockers
    Located near the Main Entrance
    Letters and postcards (postage stamps required) placed in these mailboxes will be imprinted with a special Tokyo DisneySea design and delivered to the post office.
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    Smoking Areas
    For courtesy and the safety of all Guests, smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
    ATMs, currency exchange, credit cards
    Information concerning ATMs, foreign currency exchange and credit cards.
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    Home Delivery Service
    Items purchased in the Park may be shipped for a fee.
    Digital Photo Express / Photo Spots
    Convenient service for printing your photos with a special illustrated border. Photo Spots are recommended locations in the Park for taking photographs.
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    Souvenir Medallions
    Collect souvenir medallions designed with a Disney character.
    About trash cans in the Park
    Trash cans are available throughout the Park.

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