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Mystic Rhythms

Mystic Rhythms

Deep in the jungles where spirits dwell

Back when Lost River Delta was newly discovered, this theater was a hangar for seaplanes, and it was the first stop for the adventurers who gathered here. It has since been abandoned and reclaimed by the lush and serene jungle. If you listen carefully, and you might hear the voices of the spirits…

A powerful, exotic performance

This live theatrical performance takes place in the Hangar Stage, where a magical world of rain forest spirits opens up before your eyes. Prepare to be moved by the water spirits dwelling in the rain and waterfalls, the earth spirits that shake the ground and move the mountains, and the fire spirits who control fire.
Through the powerful rhythms and amazing aerial performances, you'll feel the mystic legends of the jungle.

"Mystic Rhythms" will end on April 5, 2015 in preparation for a new show.

  • Location: Hangar Stage (hosted by: Bridgestone Corporation)
  • Duration: About 25 min.
  • Capacity: 1,140 persons per show
  • Guests seated near the stage will be exposed to water and smoke effects.
  • Please do not leave during the performance.
  • Admission will end five minutes before the show starts or when the theater is full.

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