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My Friend Duffy

My Friend Duffy

A Heartwarming Stage Show

Welcome to Cape Cod Cook-Off! Presented here is "My Friend Duffy," a fun-filled show set to music and dance that also features Mickey and Minnie. The show tells the story of how Duffy sets off on an adventurous journey, and how Duffy's friend, ShellieMay, came to be. Spend a wonderful time with Duffy and friends!

Watch While You Eat!

My Friend Duffy can be enjoyed while dining on soup, hamburgers, and desserts.
  • Location: Cape Cod Cook-Off
  • Length of Show: Each performance lasts approximately 10 minutes
    (there are five-minute breaks between each performance).
  • Ask a Cast Member about the show schedule
  • To view "My Friend Duffy," first order your food and drinks and wait with your whole group at the entrance to the dining area. A Cast Member will seat Guests on a first-come-first-served basis. Please understand that you cannot choose where to be seated.
- So that as many people can view the show as possible, dining and viewing time is limited. Please see a Cast Member for further details.
- Once you are seated, please refrain from moving to another table during the show.
- Once capacity is reached, seating will be suspended.

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