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For Guests with Food Allergies


The special dietary menus do not contain any of the five most common allergens (wheat, dairy products, eggs, buckwheat, and peanuts).


Inform a Cast Member of any dietary limitations you may have before queuing for or entering a restaurant. (Different restaurants have different systems. Please see each restaurant's profile page for details.)
  • When ordering, you will be asked to confirm your understanding of the Points of Caution below.
  • Because we take the utmost care in preparing these meals, it may take longer than usual to serve them.

Points of Caution

  • The special dietary menus use ingredients that do not contain the five major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, eggs, dairy products, and peanuts). Please see a Cast Member for details.
  • Your order will be prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items. For this reason, it is possible that some traces of allergens may become mixed into the meal during preparation.
    Kitchen cooking and washing facilities, and the crockery and cutlery, used for regular menu dishes are used for the special dietary dishes as well.
  • Taking the information above into consideration, it is up to you to make the final judgement when ordering this type of meal.
  • This menu may take a little longer to be served.

List of 20 Allergenic Foods Required or Recommended to be Displayed

In Japan, 20 allergenic foods are either required or recommended to be displayed on the menu if they are included in any of the dishes. Because the ingredients used vary by restaurant, please ask at each restaurant for which allergenic foods are used. As the ingredients of menu items may change, please contact a Cast Member about possible allergenic ingredients contained in the dishes when ordering.

List of 20 Specified Allergenic Ingredients

Shrimp, crab, abalone, squid, salted salmon roe, salmon, mackerel, beef, chicken, pork, gelatin, oranges, kiwis, bananas, peaches, apples, walnuts, Japanese yams, soy, matsutake mushrooms

Restaurants with Special Dietary Menus

Restaurant closures may occur. Please check the Temporary Closure of Park Facilities beforehand.
Restaurant Name Themed Land Service Type
East Side Cafe World Bazaar Table Service
Center Street Coffeehouse World Bazaar Table Service
Restaurant Hokusai World Bazaar Table Service
Polynesian Terrace Restaurant Adventureland Entertainment Restaurant
*Advance Internet Reservations Required
Blue Bayou Restaurant Adventureland Table Service
Crystal Palace Restaurant
(Disney Character Breakfast)
Adventureland Buffet Style
Plaza Pavilion Restaurant Westernland Buffeteria
The Diamond Horseshoe Westernland Entertainment Restaurant
*Advance Internet Reservations Required
Hungry Bear Restaurant Westernland Counter Service
Grandma Sara's Kitchen Critter Country Counter Service
Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Fantasyland Buffeteria
Plaza Restaurant Tomorrowland Counter Service
  • Restaurant closures may occur. Please check the Temporary Closure of Park Facilities beforehand. Service hours differ by restaurant. Please check with a Restaurant Cast Member.
  • All restaurants are non-smoking.

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