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Westernland Shootin' Gallery

Westernland Shootin Gallery

Be the best shooter in the west!

This frontier saloon's got 19 Winchester rifles lining the counter! Things are pretty quiet right now, with the bartender standing around and the Deputy taking a nap. You want to see what happens when you tear through that silence with a gun shot? Only one way to find out!

Win a sheriff badge

This shooting-style game is a great way to relive the wild days of the Old West. When you've finished, each Guest gets a score card with a special message from Goofy. Hit ten out of ten targets and get a sheriff badge!

Aim for a perfect score!

Score cards with special messages from Goofy
Take up one of the Winchester rifles lined up on the counter and test your aim! When the game is over, receive a score card with a special message from Goofy!

Goofy's message varies depending on the score.

A "Lucky" score card wins you a gold Donald's sheriff badge, and a score card with a perfect 10 gets you a silver Donald's sheriff badge!
(The design of the badge may change according to the season.)
  • Game fee: ¥200 for 10 shots (Passport tickets not accepted.)

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