Helpful Information and Services for Guests Visiting with Children

Helpful Information and Services for Guests Visiting with Children

Children ages 3 or younger admitted for free!

Did you know that children ages 3 or younger do not need a Park ticket for admission?
The Park offers lots of attractions that you can enjoy with very young children.

Renting a stroller

Strollers are available for rent inside the Park, so you can just bring your baby! Of course, if your child takes lots of naps, bringing a stroller from home may be better. Also, if your child gets tired after you enter the Park you can rent a stroller at that time.

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» Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals

If your child gets hurt

First aid facilities are located in the Park and nurses are on duty to provide prompt emergency care. If necessary, you can be referred to a nearby medical facility outside the Park.

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» Central First Aid

Changing your baby's diapers

The Baby Center inside the Park is a good place for changing your baby's diaper. Moms and Dads are welcome to make use of this facility. In addition, all women's restrooms and some men's restrooms have diaper-changing tables.

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» Baby Center

Preparing infant formula or nursing your baby

When you wish to nurse or feed your infant, please feel free to use the Baby Center. Moms and Dads are welcome to make use of this facility. Besides offering hot water to prepare infant formula and meals, the Baby Center sells a selection of formula, baby food, and disposable diapers.
You can change your infant's diaper here also.

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» Baby Center

If your child gets lost

If you become separated from your child, please remain calm and contact the nearest Cast Member. Cast Members are in touch with facilities both inside and outside the Park and so can help reunite you and your child.

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» Lost Children

Mom and Dad want to enjoy attractions too!

At either Park, parents or guardians can take advantage of the Alternate Ride System when they want to enjoy an attraction that their child cannot board due to age or height restrictions. As long as there are two or more guardians for the child, this system allows one guardian to ride while the other waits with the child, and then switch. Please contact a Cast Member at the attraction entrance for more information.

Services for infants at restaurants

Children's menu

Selected restaurants offer special menus just for children.

High Chairs

Most of the restaurants offer high chairs for children. Please contact a Cast Member if you wish to use one.

Children's Bibs

Table service restaurants offer cute bibs for children. Please contact a Cast Member if you wish to use one.

Making keepsakes out of photos taken in the Park

You've taken some great snapshots in the Park, so why not decorate them with the Disney characters? You can do just that with the Digital Photo Express service. Choose from a variety of borders and in about 90 minutes after ordering, you can share the prints with Grandpa and Grandma or others in your party for a special souvenir.

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» Digital Photo Express

Storing belongings you won't use in the Park

Take advantage of the coin-operated storage lockers located inside the Main Entrance to store items that you only need when you leave the Park or for souvenirs that you've purchased. That way you can enjoy the Park with a lighter load!

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» Storage Lockers

Bringing your own meals

If you prefer to bring your own meals, picnic areas with tables and seats are provided for your use. When the weather is nice, the picnic areas are perfect for an outdoor lunch with young children.

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» Picnic Area

Skip the ticket booths for easy Park admission!

When you have small children, it's troublesome waiting in line to buy tickets. You'll find it a lot easier to purchase your ticket in advance online through Disney's eTicket!

  • Purchase tickets at home
  • Be reassured with guaranteed Park admission
  • No waiting in line at the ticket booths
  • Make changes to your Disney's eTicket Passports
  • Children ages 3 or younger are admitted free!

ID sticker for your child, just in case…

For young children who cannot give their own name or contact numbers, ID stickers are available at the following facilities.

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» Lost Children
» Guest Relations
» Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals
» Baby Center